How Do You Measure Fun

Noah and Jake started school yesterday. Yep school is back. Noah is going into 2nd grade and Jake into Kindergarden. I spoke with them on Tuesday night to see how they were doing and if they were ready. Jake told me that he was nervous becasue he was a very shy person. The conversation went something like this…

“Hey Dad?”

“Yeah Jake”

“I think it will take two days befor I am not shy.”

“Jake, you will get to know people, you make friends easy.”

“Yeah but after two days I think I will be bored.”

“Why Jake?”

“It will be a lot less funner, maybe some less funner, I am not sure how much… Oh! An INCH less-funner!”

“An inch?”

“Yeah but not like my fingernail inch, like my toenail inch less funner.”

Some things can only be measured correctly by a five year old.

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